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About Us

Interacting Technology Believes In Communities!

A Sporting community is built by people who share common sets of values and beliefs, enjoy the same ideas, and love to share their passion and desire for their beloved entity. 

Interacting Technology created a state-of-the-art solution to encapsulate communities within a platform that enables high social interactions, content delivery and entertainment.

The market sees interacting Technology as a pioneer in operating, managing and monetizing communities in a collaboration with top leading Sports brands worldwide.

We are targeting the biggest sports brands in the world. These brands have a pain, they are not close to their fans, are not familiar with their behaviour, and do not have any ability to maximize the benefits of their own community.

Interacting Technology sports with its technology and its B2C global operation creates a New Digital Revenue Engine which will produce strong cash flow from each community.

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Our Engines

An example of a Social Home Feed


Our State of the art social engine provides- Home feed tailored to each user, discovery elements, search capability, location-based services, awards for fan loyalty, 1:1 messages, group chats, live notifications, ability to post, like and share. Users can follow players, brand ambassadors, verified profiles and promoters. Participate in live polls and quizzes, promotions and competitions.

An example of a social Home Feed on an Interacting Technology Product
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